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Friday, December 16, 2005

Group Project Evaluation

Our website has now been completed therefore in conclusion, I think on a whole, as a group we worked well together, although there were times it was difficult to arrange group meetings because of our busy schedules and the other deadlines we had for the other modules. However we suported and helped each other with the set tasks and roles, thus I would say our group effort was to a high standard.

I would say one of the strong aspects of our group project was the idea and concept for our website, and which I feel shows in the final production. Our website summerizes and informs the viewer about eastern and western fashion as a cultural hybridity, also linking in the aspects of cyberpsace and virtual identity within fashion.
By the first week we had already thought of the theme of the website. I feel that the theme of 'fashion and identity' is an interesting subject that links in well with the concept of 'cyberspace and 'virtual identity'.
Another advantage to the site would be the design and layout. I feel that each page reflects the theme strongly, and all parts of the design were chosen carefully and accordingly to fit in with the chosen theme. i.e. use of colours, images and backgrounds.
I particurlarly like the use of colours as they are vibrant and stand out. I also think the layout and design is unique and different from what is seen on most websites, which possibly may attract the attention of viewers. I think as a group we were mainly focussing on the design and detail of the images on our webpages as we wanted it to reflect the theme, in which can be said that we were focusing on the website's attractivness, rather than it's quality and simpleness to the viewers. Perhaps if we had a more simplistic background i.e. plain background instead of designing them then this may have been clearer and easily viewable. I would say the links provided within our website are useful to the chosen theme, ranging from various fashion designers, and online shopping sites that would be useful to the desired audience.

Viewing the final production of the website online, I would say that there is room for improvement, for example we could have put links to direct back to the homepage on each page, which would be easier for the viewer instead of having to press the back button each time they are on another page. Also the clarity of the website is a disadvantge because some of the writing has come out small and is quite difficult to read. We had problems with the size of our pages, which were rather small in size and did not cover the whole computer screen but only half of it, in which I had to change the size of the page by expanding it in dreamweaver to fit the computer screen, however this made the images load slower whilst viewing it online, which would be a problem especially to those who have slow computers, or modems. Another problem we encountered was time management, which can arguably be a reason for the websites lack of professionalism, although the presentation of the work is largley detailed and looks attractive, it however did not look like a professional website, this was perhaps due to most of the content being created and edited using fireworks.
Nevertheless, I am pleased with the outcome and my contribution to the website, which was programming the website using dreamweaver, once all the images were designed, I added the writing and links to them. I also helped towards parts of the research, thus writing up my research on cyberspace. As stated earlier there are parts to improve to the website, and if our time was managed more carefully then I think improvements could have been made and perhaps we would have time to add aspects of flash towards it, and have the images set as a background to fit the whole computer screen, instead of expanding it.
I have throughly enjoyed using dreamweaver, which is a new programme that I have learned valuable skills from, and I will continue to use and practice these skills during my spare time, as I am particularly interested in creating websites.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Final Content and layout for website

This is the final layout for our 'East meets West' website, The images below are an exmaple of how each page would look while viewing the actual site.The first image is the main page, followed by the other pages in the order seen on the main page. All together we have nine pages in total.

Here is the link to view our website 'East Meets West' online:-


If you wish to contact us, you could either email us at





.....or alternatively you can leave us comments on our blogs.

Group Role and Members
Our Team
All our group members worked hard in preparation for our web page, here are each member and their role in the group.

Design = Asia
Site product/Programming/writing = Mariecar
Research Preparation/writing =
Research Writing =

Above roles have been specified by recent entries- detailed outline of whom was involved in what.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Final content for Cyberspace page

In yesterday's group meeting, we added the research for the cyberspace and western fashion page to the final content. This is an example of what the final contenet of the cyberspace page looks like. We merged the written research from word onto the background image using fireworks and dreamweaver.

Useful Websites:During our multimedia project, we searched the World Wide Web for the design of websites to help us guide our own. In order to make links to our webpage, we had to search the Internet for relevant sites for the information we were going to link it with. Below are some web links that we have used in our group. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/884706.stm - This site is one of the links for the 'Hybrid fashion' page on our website. As it is from the BBC News, this page is official and is very informative and it's very relevant to the page we are going to 'link' it to.I find that the BBC web pages in general tend to have a bit too much information, particularly when they are provided with links. They do, however, have all the required information relevant to the page, but our website was not influenced by such site, as we felt that it lacks in creativity. http://www.widemedia.com/fashionuk/news/2001/10/08/news0002309.html - This too will go as a link on the 'Hybrid Fashion' page. This web page is very subtle, it contains only few colours and very to the point. The links for this particular site are very concise, and did not contain too much information. It exhibited some work by students; and had news on relevant matters. The design for this website is not very 'eye-catchy' but subtle. We thought it would be useful to use this page as a link because as it mentions a fashion exhibition presented by the London College of Fashion (University of the Arts- London). http://www.robertocavalli.net/- This is a link for the 'Western Fashion' page, it is off a famous designer Roberto Cavalli. This has been done very professionally, containing all the information it should yet it looked glamorous. The first page is possibly done in 'Flash', and then as you click a button you enter the website. The homepage of this site is very smart- the colours used (pink in black) work very well together. The first page advertises the Cavalli clothes but is presented very nicely (subtle and goes well in background). The content contains all the pages and links- and has all relevant material it needs. This page had inspired me to make our website look glamorous to an extent, that it will be eye catching for the viewer, so that it does not bore them after few minutes of browsing. http://www.donnakaran.com/control/main - This is another link for the 'Western Fashion' page, of designer Donna Karan. The colour theme works well with the black and the red, which can be seen in our website, but it was not influenced by this web page. This page is very bold- has some products advertised in the homepage. It is concise, informative and eye catching- but by browsing on the Internet, viewers would automatically know that it is a retail advertiser by the way it is presented, unlike the above webpage of Roberto Cavalli.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Today's group meeting...

We had a group meeting today in which we discussed the final process of our website and what tasks were needed to be done for the next meeting.

We will be meeting again on monday where we will be putting the final content together as a whole, although we still have some finishing touches to add to the website which include some links and adding research such as the chapter I will do on cyberspace and Jana's chapter on Western fashion to the final draft. My task for monday is to finish writing up my piece on cyberspace and also link in the idea of virtual identitie's in with the idea of fashion.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cyberspace background

This is the final choice for our cyberspace page background. The design and colours in this background link in with the theme of cyberspace and also fit in with the other designs that will be on the other pages. On this page there will be an explanation of what cyberspace is, also linking in the concept of 'Virtual identities'. My task for this week is to research the theme cyberspace and 'virtual identities' Once I have done my research I will write up the piece, which shall be going onto this page.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Still deciding on main page layout

In today's group meeting we discussed the final layout for the main page, in which we are still deciding on. Asia has designed some layouts, in which we may use as the final idea.

Our tasks for the upcoming weeks was that Ruthna was to continue researching into the background topics, and Jana to continue on the image finding.As a group we are all contributing and helping each other out with their roles. In the next few weeks I have been assigned to research background ideas for the cyberspace page, as discussed in our meeting that we will not be using the images I previously posted as an example, as we wish to keep the backgrounds more simplistic.